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Control all active jobs with suppliers, manage budgets and keep up to date with all pending activity.


Approve costs, comment with suppliers and manage all the budgets of a job in an orderly and easy way from Qronos.

Reverse auction

Take advantage of the joint purchase service and enjoy lower costs for high volume orders in printed formats.

Delivery audits

Analyze the effectiveness of a distribution through your mobile or computer and share the report with the distributor.

Points of sale

Manage your entire network of points of sale so they can access and work on the Qronos Cloud platform.


Manage your entire supplier network so they can work and upload their invoices on the Qronos Cloud tool.

Marketing mailbox planner

Optimize the delivery of a mailbox campaign and share it with your assigned provider from Qronos Cloud.

Email marketing

Customize your email campaign through the custom fields that it brings and makes a difference.

Radio spots

Customize any radio wedge with any of the closures you have and create your version.

Final arts

Easily generate custom final artwork and download the result of your adaptation directly to your pc.

Quick requests

Request an adaptation job quickly and in a few clicks from the gallery's own creativity.

Approval flows

Easily automate your organization's approval flows to streamline job oversight.

Creative management

Create your own corporate gallery and store all the creatives approved by brand and susceptible to adaptation.

Resource repository

Build your own resource bank and store all the creatives approved by brand and susceptible to adaptation.


Conduct surveys of your employees, export the data and discover how you can improve with the responses.


Tutorials, manuals, courses and training. Find out how to renew yourself inside and outside of Qronos Cloud.


Keep up to date with all the news of your department, team or company communications.


All the indicators you need gathered in one place. A personalized and global vision.

Corporate library

Update Qronos Cloud with the latest corporate documents so all teams are aware of the brand guidelines.

Search engine

Find everything you are looking for through the search engine without having to access each of the services.

Collaborative space

Share jobs with other people on your team, have conversations and check the history when you need to.

Permissions and roles

Adapt Qronos to the structure of your organization and decide which profiles or users can do what.

Double factor

Keep your users safe with double factor authentication through corporate email to avoid possible unforeseen events.


Activate or deactivate the platform and / or email notifications as you wish. Decide where and how you want to receive them.


We comply with all security, data protection and pseudonymization requirements. Enjoy a 'GDPR Compliance' platform.

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